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CPU Optimisation Service

This .NET 4.5.1 x64 service runs under the local system account and optimises the CPU affinity for an application named in the Variables section. The default being firefox.

Once all instances of the application in question have been accessed, the OptimiseCPUAffinity() function sets the CPU affinity of each process depending on the number of processes in relation to the number of CPUs.

1 - For 1 process = all CPUs are applied to that process
2 - For 2 processes up to (processes < CPUCount / 2) = All CPUs split equally between all processes, example: 10 CPUs - 4 processes = 2 CPUs for each process
3 - For (CPUCount / 2) processes up to Processes > CPUCount = 1 CPU for 1 process.

The service is built as 64 bit but can be recompiled as 32 bit with no changes needed.

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